Capital is a commodity, creating value is an art.


Seed & Bridge Capital

Harris Bernstein & Co., is a principal investor specializing in actively working with management to build and develop early-stage businesses.

M&A Advisory

Strategic Consulting & Capital Markets Advisory

Harris Bernstein & Co. has deep experience with raising capital, via running a competitive process for equity and debt financing. We prepare companies to receive financing options to optimize their growth phase. In addition, we can assist with locating strategic acquisition targets or the creation of liquidity events for business principles.

Venture Consulting

Fund Formation & Strategy

Harris Bernstein & Co., has experience with all stages of the deal process. We help venture funds develop their investing strategies, with implementing best practices, and with handling formation issues.

Our Capital Products

Seed Investment

We take an active role in our seed investee companies to add value to them. We help seed companies build their products, teams, processes, and sales to position them for success. We use that experience to give founders best practices to maximize their odds of success. We look for companies that have revenue today or will have revenue on a conservative underwriting in the next twelve months. We invest in companies that offer equity; we do not participate in convertible notes or safe documents. Our target transactions for seed companies are at post-money valuations of less than $5m.

Private Equity

We look to pay a reasonable multiple of net income for stable cash flowing businesses. We will take either a growth or control position in these transactions. We seek to purchase small- and mid-market businesses that are founder-or family-owned and are seeking help scaling up or are looking for a liquidity event.  We have experience in creating creative financing structures that meet the needs of our investees.

Bridge Capital to Series A

One of our most innovative products is Bridge Capital to series A. Many teams finally hit product market fit with too little cash in the bank to grow sales enough to attract Series A. Often, founders ideas take longer and cost more to turn into a viable company than the founders originally anticipated.  Companies that have already raised seed, but do not have enough revenue and metrics to raise series a have little traditional financing options available. We have completed several transactions with companies at this stage of their development, and are comfortable investing and helping the founders to scale sales and revenue.

Value Add

We help early-stage companies staff their businesses with A players, develop and iterate to product market fit, build the top of their sales funnels with inbound and outbound marketing processes, build high-functioning sales departments following customized data-driven sales methodologies, and help them to get scalable, repeatable, revenue.

Our Portfolio

Advantia Health
Advantia Health
Snap Leads
Snap Leads

Meet The Team

With over three decades of investment, entreprenurial, and legal experience. Harris Bernstein & Co. has a team committed to accelerating business growth.

Brian Bernstein
Managing Director

Brian Bernstein

Brian Bernstein has over a decade of experience in seed, venture capital, and private equity. He has worked on acquisitions, dispositions, refinancing, and direct investments totaling more than $150m. He currently serves on three portfolio company boards, two of which are venture-backed.

David Salmon
In-House Counsel

David Salmon

David Salmon is an attorney and investor specializing in startups, entrepreneurs, and early-stage ventures. David’s operating and legal experience spans a wide range of industries including technology, app and web development, entertainment, nonprofits, energy solutions, education, marketing, insurance, real estate, retail, event planning, artists, and food services.

Chief Financial Officer

Joshua Rader

Josh Rader is the Chief Financial Officer at Harris Bernstein & Co, in addition, he also is a Partner at Applerouth, Farah & Co. where he overseas the firm’s audit and assurance practice. His responsibilities at Harris Bernstein & Co. include deal structuring, financial reporting, strategic planning. Mr. Rader has a bachelor’s degree in communication, emphasis in media management, from the University of Miami in 2003.

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